Illustrated Wedding Invitations

By Melissa Meyer

Invitations that Impress

Your wedding stationery is the very first element of your wedding that your guests see. Make sure to set the right tone and impress your guests from the start by showcasing truly unique artwork that represents your love story.

Melissa Meyer Hawaii Artist Illustrator Wedding Stationer

I’m an artist specializing in custom illustration-led wedding invitations, stationery, and artwork. I create all of my illustrations and design elements by hand allowing for a truly custom design.


Based in Hawaii, I can be found basking in the island’s shimmering turquoise waters, paddling with the honu, and just enjoying beautiful Oahu with my family. Many of my designs are inspired by these gorgeous islands. But, this is not about me. It about you – the two of you. 


You deserve wedding invitations and stationery as unique as your love story. Afterall, the invitation is the very first impression of your wedding and the one guests may cherish forever as a keepsake. So why not give them a piece of art that perfectly reflects the two of you in this moment in time?


Contact me today to start your custom design process. I can’t wait to create a beautiful design that you will undoubtedly cherish as you look back upon it throughout your marriage.